When you are planning to build a new home you have many decisions to make. The first thing that comes to your mind is not lighting (unless you are an electrician).

Here are a few tips to help you pick out your light fixtures.

1. Don’t go to the lighting store first! You will feel overwhelmed by all the choices. It would be similar to if you were to go to the grocery store, without a list or a plan on what you are making for dinner.

2. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Buy a few magazines that go with the style of your home. Is your home style contemporary, modern, vintage, or one of many other styles? For example, if you are building a cabin, try Cabin Living or Log Home Living. Pay attention to the lighting in the pictures.

  • Do you like how they lit the dining room?
  • How many can lights do they have in the living room?
  • How do they use lights to accent different areas of the home?
  • How do the light fixtures add to the style and feel of the homes?

3. Determine your theme.Will your home have one central theme or will it change for each room?

4. Walk through the plan for your home in your mind.Start in a room and think about where you will have your furniture and how you will use the space. Think about how each room will be used.

5. Write it out. Take a notebook and write down all your ideas for each room. Make it as detailed as possible. Think about how you will want to light up the room.

  • Will it be ceiling lights or wall lights?
  • If you want wall lights, what is the size of your fixture, how many, and what height are they on the wall?
  • If you have ceiling lights, is there a ceiling fan?
  • Do you have any recessed can lights?
  • Are there any specialty lights?
  • Tray ceiling lighting?
  • Under cabinet lighting?
  • Cove or niche lighting?
  • Do you want to light up a picture or a wall of pictures?

Once you have thought through each room in your home and written down your ideas, you are

ready to start looking at light fixtures.

It is our goal at In Control Technology to take the stress and frustration out of planning how you will light up your home.

Building a home or remodeling is a stressful process.

We don’t want choosing a plan for lighting your home to add to that.

That is why we created the Lighting Cheat Sheet to help guide you through the process. Contact us online to get your free copy!