We have seen that people think a generator is the silver bullet to their electrical outage problems. It sure is nice to have one when the power is out, but what if it didn’t start when it should have?

You invested in a generator to give yourself the peace of mind that you wouldn’t come back on the holidays to frozen pipes or to a freezer full of spoiled food after a storm knocked out the power for days.

It was a smart purchase to protect your home when you were away, but we do have question.

When was the last time you maintained it?

Most of the time a lack of maintenance is the cause of the generator not starting.

Here are a few tips to make sure your generator will be there when you need it:

1. Check and change your oil, oil filter and air filter. See your owner’s manual for the correct information on when and other specifics. Most people will change their car’s oil. A big key to keeping your generator up and running is changing the oil. It is the life blood of the generator.

2. Change your spark plugs yearly. You can change the oil, filters and dump the fuel into the generator, but without spark (unless yours is running off diesel) starting the generator is pretty hard.

3. Check, maintain and replace your generator’s battery. If your generator doesn’t have a good store of power, it will not power the starter. It may be just fine in normal weather, but in the extreme cold and heat is when they most likely fail and that is the time the power usually goes out.

4. Make sure your generator’s air inlet and exhaust outlet are not plugged with leaves, snow or other foreign materials. After a big snow storm, snow can get sucked into the air inlet and make the air filter a solid piece of ice; I have seen that happen. Also, the generator’s exhaust is hot and you will not want to start any thing on fire. So watch the area around your generator. Keep the grass trimmed around it, rake the leaves and shovel the snow away.

5. This last one is probably the most important. Read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended schedule to keep your generator in tip top shape.

If this sounds like too much of a hassle, we’re here for you. We are offering a FREE generator checkup (A $125 Value).

The generator check up will include:

·Inspect filters, fluid and spark plugs.

·Test battery and charging system.

·Test for normal operation of generator.

·Inspect engine valves for correct tolerances.

·Inspect cold-weather kit.

·Inspect the transfer switch.

Any extra labor, parts or services are not included.

Call 715.432.1415 to schedule your appointment.