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Does your electrical system need upgrades? Call us at 715-432-1415 for electrical services in Boulder Junction and throughout Oneida County.

Is your electrical service panel overcrowded? Is your wiring outdated? You need professional electrical repairs. A licensed electrician can inspect your system, detect if there’s an issue, and then repair it. When you need electrical repairs at your Boulder Junction, WI home or business, call our experts at ICT Electric. We’re helping you light up your world!

We offer complete electrical services to Boulder Junction, including:

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Code compliance repairs
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Whole-house generator services
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacements

Why do your Boulder Junction neighbors call us for electrical repairs? Read our clients’ testimonials to find out!

Do You Have a Fuse Box? Why You Need an Upgrade

Do you have an old, outdated fuse box at your house or building? Fuse boxes are generally obsolete and should be replaced with an upgraded system. They are unable to handle the load that modern households put on them. To keep the electricity running, you’d need to use larger fuses, which can be a fire hazard. Replace your fuse box with a circuit breaker panel.

When To Replace Your Outlets

Our electricians estimate outlets typically last about 15 to 20 years; after that, you should call an electrical contractor to replace them. It could help you avoid possible electrical code violations.

Some symptoms that indicate it’s time for outlet replacement include broken faceplates or loosened slots. This can expose the wiring. If you see sparks when you plug something in, it can mean that the outlet can’t handle the current.

Failing to replace your outlets when they malfunction can increase the risk of an electrical fire, as well as injuries and burns for anyone who touches them.

Do you need help paying for your electrical repairs? Contact us to learn about our financing options.

Why You Need an Expert To Install Your Generator

When you buy a generator, you need to ensure you are hiring licensed professionals to install it. Hiring experts like our electricians at ICT Electric gives you the following benefits:

  • We’ll determine what type of generator you need.
  • We’ll help you figure out what size of generator you need.
  • We will give you a complete quote before we start the project.
  • We’ll send experienced electricians who can troubleshoot any issues that come up.
  • We’ll see the project through from start to finish.

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