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You need your electrical system to work correctly to keep your house safe and comfortable. If there is an issue, it can put your household at risk. To prevent problems, make sure to schedule professional services as soon as possible. Call our trusted technicians at ICT Electric for appointments in Rhinelander, WI, and throughout Oneida County. We guarantee satisfaction with every job.

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How To Maintain Your Electrical Panel

You need your electrical panel to work correctly to keep your household running. To ensure it works properly, you need to perform regular maintenance on your circuit panel. Some tasks you should perform include keeping the lid shut and checking for signs of rust, moisture, and dirt.

Our experts recommend scheduling professional maintenance at least every three years so they can inspect the unit and diagnose any potential problems.

Maintain Your Electrical Outlets Through These Steps

Did you know there are maintenance tasks you can perform on your outlets? To keep your outlets functioning, follow these tips:

  • When inserting plugs into outlets, do so gently to minimize the wear and tear.
  • Shut off small appliances, lamps, and electronics before unplugging them.
  • Unplug items from an outlet by pulling by the plug, not the cord.
  • Don’t overload an outlet with extension cords, appliances with faulty wiring and multi-way plugs.
  • Have your outlets inspected by an electrical contractor to ensure they are fully functioning.

Don’t delay having your electrical problems fixed due to fear of the bill. Instead, ask us about our financing options.

Why You Need a Generator

Does a generator seem like an optional appliance you just don’t need at your house? It can actually play a vital role in your household. Some reasons to purchase a generator include:

  • Keep your appliances running during power outages. This can improve your safety by keeping the lights and other important appliances running.
  • Keep your refrigerator running so you can avoid having to throw your food away.
  • Keep your sump pump functioning during heavy storms to help you avoid flood damage.
  • Keep your air conditioner or heater working so your house can remain comfortable.
  • Keep you from feeling overly anxious about when the power will be restored.

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