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We offer complete electrical services to Minocqua, including:

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Code compliance repairs
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacements
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Whole-house generator services
  • Electrical safety inspection

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What Are the Different Types of Electrical Panels?

When you install a circuit panel, there are different components you will need to be familiar with. Some of these include:

  • Main breaker panel: This is the main panel and connects the external wires from the city and the internal wires in your home.
  • Fuse boxes: These prevent circuit overflow and short out when there’s too much electricity to a circuit.
  • Main lug panel: These act as secondary electrical load bearers.
  • Sub-panels: These are used when multiple circuits are needed in the same area.

Why You Need Outdoor Outlets

When installing outlets on the outside of your house or building, it’s important to purchase devices specifically designed for the outdoors. These units are weather-resistant and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.

If you have questions about outdoor outlets, call our experienced electricians at ICT Electric.

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Why You Need an Automatic Generator Instead of a Portable Unit

When selecting a generator for your home, you might consider purchasing a portable unit instead of a whole-house unit. However, there are many advantages to installing an automatic backup generator.

First of all, these units are safer than portable ones. They produced less of a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning than portable units.

Also, they start up automatically within seconds of you losing power at your house. This is much quicker than having to connect a portable generator. This also means they will turn on even when you’re not home, so your house is protected when you’re away.

These systems are also less expensive to run than portable units, as they run on your home’s gas supply, and you don’t need to purchase additional fuel.

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Jonathon D.

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Minocqua, WI - Troubleshoot Misfunctioning Generator, Replace old Generator with new
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Jonathon D.

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Electrical Wiring for New Home

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