Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacements in Rhinelander, WI

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Do you have GFCI outlets near all water sources? Do you have AFCI breakers installed correctly? If not, your electrical outlets are not up-to-code, and your house or building could be at risk. When you need to update your outlets or install GFCI, AFCI, or USB outlets, call our experts at ICT Electric for services in Rhinelander, WI. We guarantee satisfaction with every call.

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GFCI Outlets: Common Problems That Need Repairs

You need working GFCI outlets in your house or building to protect you and others against electrocution. These are designed to be placed near water sources, such as in your kitchen or bathroom, to ensure you are not electrocuted if water enters the outlet. These outlets offer protection – as long as they are working correctly.

Some common problems can include bad wiring that causes the unit to trip, and overloaded circuits that have too many devices plugged into them. You might also encounter faulty outlets – especially if they are more than 10 years old.

If you encounter these issues, call ICT Electric to schedule an appointment with our experts.

Why You Need AFCI Breakers To Protect Your Home

AFCI outlets protect your house or building from potential fires. These outlets detect arc faults before they spark a fire. They also protect the wiring in case of an arc fault. This helps improve the overall safety of your home and your family.

Because of the importance of these outlets, it’s essential to install them in your property. If you need AFCI outlets installed in your home, call our electricians at ICT Electric.

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USB Outlets: Why You Should Install Them in Your Home

Does adding USB outlets to your home seem like a luxury and not a necessity? You might be overlooking the advantages these outlets provide to your household or building. Some of the top benefits can include:

  • Eliminate multiple plugs: Installing USB outlets can provide dedicated outlets for your devices, removing the need for power strips and freeing up your outlets.
  • Eliminate adapters: Keeping track of USB charger adapters can be difficult. With USB outlets, you don’t need them. You can plug the USB cord directly into the outlet.
  • Charge devices faster: Plugging devices into a USB outlet can allow them to charge faster.

It’s essential to have functioning outlets installed throughout your house. Call ICT Electric at 715-432-1415 for GFCI, AFCI, and USB outlet installations in Oneida County. We will send trusted technicians to get the job done!