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When To Call for Professional Commercial Electrical Repairs on Your Outlets

When you have an outlet that’s not quite working correctly, or you start to notice a burning odor around it, you might start to wonder when you need help from a commercial electrician. Our experts recommend scheduling an appointment when you notice the following signs:

  • The electricity keeps tripping when you plug something into an outlet. This can indicate an overloaded circuit.
  • There is a burning smell coming from your outlet. This could be an early warning of an electrical fire. If you smell burning, you should always call for help.
  • There is blackening around the outlet. This can indicate the outlet has burnt out and needs to be replaced.

5 Issues to Watch for With Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is essential to keeping your commercial building safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, it can develop issues that need to be repaired. Some common issues our electricians run into with circuit panels in Rhinelander include:

  • Corrosion: This can be the most common problem, and it can mean minimal to massive damage to your unit. If corrosion occurs, it can compromise your electrical connections and can require you to replace wires and other components.
  • Double taps: This occurs when there are multiple wires connected to a single lug. This is usually not a serious issue, but it can be a sign that your panel was installed incorrectly.
  • Oversized breakers: This happens when a load-carrying wire is undersized compared to the rating of the fuse to which it is connected. This can be a serious problem and needs to be repaired immediately.
  • Improper bonding: Not all panels have correct bonding. If it’s faulty, it needs to be repaired.
  • Missing handle ties: if your panel is missing a handle tie, it can create a large hazard and needs to be repaired by an electrician.

Signs Your Generator Needs To Be Repaired

You need your generator to work correctly so it can provide power when needed during a massive storm. If you notice the following signs, you should have your unit repaired by a commercial electrician as soon as possible:

  • Visible electrical component damage.
  • If your unit is slow to start or kick in.
  • Fluid leaking from your unit.
  • Battery charging issues with your system.
  • Low power flow generated by the unit.
  • Alerts coming from your system to tell you there’s an issue.

When your commercial building needs electrical repairs, call ICT Electric at 715-432-1415 for commercial electrician services in Oneida County. Our trusted technicians will get the job done!