This Month is Electrical Safety Month!

Practice Electrical Safety This Month and Always!

May is National Electrical Safety Month, meaning it’s the perfect time to check the electrical systems in a home or business to ensure they are functioning correctly and safely. Electrical issues can quickly cause dangerous problems, including electrical fires, so preventing them is essential. This blog post will discuss tips to avoid electrical hazards, like installing electrical safety devices, knowing what signs to watch for that indicate an overloaded electrical system and the importance of surge protection

Electrical Safety Devices

electricalIt’s essential to have electrical safety devices throughout a property to protect a household or business. Some common ones people should ensure are installed and functioning correctly are:

  • Fuses: These devices help prevent too much current from flowing through circuits. If too much electricity flows, the fuse will break – protecting appliances from power surges and helping prevent fires, but it cannot be reused. 
  • Circuit Breakers: These devices detect faults when the electrical current exceeds the maximum level. It interrupts the power supply to prevent fires and other risks. 
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs): These can detect anomalies in the system and will cut power. It will trip, but it does not need to be replaced after every electrical fault. They should be used in areas with water to help prevent electric shock.

Warning Signs of Overloaded Electrical Systems

If someone has an overloaded circuit, it can pose numerous risks to their property. Overloading can cause breakers or fuses to shut off and stop electrical services. It can also pose the risk of electric fires if the wires overheat. 

Fortunately, people can help prevent the consequences of an overloaded circuit by watching for the signs before other problems develop. Some symptoms of an overloaded circuit include:

  • The circuit breaker keeps tripping and shutting off the power
  • Dimming or flickering lights when turning on or plugging in appliances
  • Buzzing outlets or switches
  • Warm outlets or switch covers
  • Burning odors 
  • Scorched outlets

If someone notices these signs, they should call an electrician right away because these issues must be repaired before they cause serious problems for a home or building.

Surge Protection

surgeWhen checking an electrical system, ensure the home or business is protected against power surges. A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage, and if it’s strong enough, it can damage electronic devices plugged in throughout the home or business. Power surges may be caused by several events, such as lightning strikes, utility switching operations, and downed power lines. Sometimes, even normal operations of large appliances can cause minor surges.

People should install a whole-house surge protector to protect their televisions, computers, appliances, and other electrical devices. They are hard-wired to the electrical system to protect the entire property. They block electrical voltage spikes and surges to protect devices. Electricians should install these whole house surge protectors since they are connected directly to a breaker panel or main service entrance. 

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