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Get a Jump on Holiday Decorating This Year!

Get the Holiday Lights Done Early and Safely With These Tips!

With December just around the corner, neighborhoods are starting to come alive with dazzling Christmas lights and charming decorations. But with how hectic the holiday season can be – and how daunting the task often seems – many people don’t get around to putting up their lights until the last minute. 

But with a plan and a little know-how, homeowners may be surprised by how easy it is to get their electric Christmas decorations put up before the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone! This article will share a few pointers to help homeowners transform their yards into an enchanting winter wonderland – all while maximizing energy efficiency and avoiding common electrical hazards!

Choosing Between Incandescent and LED Holiday Lights

christmas lightsThe first step in holiday decorating is to decide whether to use incandescent Christmas lights or LED lights. Incandescent lights are becoming less common nowadays due to their drawbacks. For instance, around 90% of the energy they use is released as heat. Not only does this make the bulbs get hot (potentially creating a fire hazard around dry leaves and other flammable materials), but they can also rack up a hefty electric bill if the whole house is decked out with them. However, incandescent lights generally have a lower initial cost than LED Christmas lights and produce a warm color that many people find comforting and nostalgic.

LED Christmas lights, on the other hand, are highly energy efficient, using around 75% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, which saves money on the electric bill during the holidays. They also tend to last many years longer, and the bulbs are less prone to breaking (incandescent Christmas bulbs are notoriously fragile). And since virtually all of the energy they use is released as light, LED bulbs don’t heat up as incandescent bulbs do.

Create the Perfect Holiday Display

holiday decorationsNext up, homeowners can choose what kinds of Christmas decorations and lights they want to put up – and there are plenty to choose from. Classic outdoor holiday string lights can be hung along roof lines and balconies or wrapped around columns and tree trunks. Net lighting can be strewn across bushes and hedges to make decorating easy. Or, for a more understated look, electric candles can be placed in all of the windows.

More recent holiday decoration trends include projectors that cast glittering light displays or festive animations on exterior walls or garages. Holiday inflatables in the shapes of Santa, elves, reindeer, snowmen, or other iconic holiday figures can be used in the yard for a more whimsical display. There are even elaborate computer-controlled light displays that flash and pulse in sync with holiday music. Homeowners can choose one or any combination of these decorations to craft their dream display!

Remember to Practice Electrical Safety!

No matter what types of holiday lights and decorations homeowners choose, the most important thing is ensuring they’re safe. Firstly, homeowners should inspect all electrical decorations for faulty wiring, damaged cords or plugs, and broken bulbs – and discard them if they can’t be repaired. If using incandescent holiday lights, homeowners should keep the bulbs away from any flammable materials and make sure they don’t stay on for more than a few hours at a time.

Homeowners should also ensure that all outdoor holiday decorations are rated for outdoor use. Christmas lights and electric decorations should be spread across multiple outlets and circuits rather than crammed into a single power strip or circuit to avoid electrical circuit overloads. Similarly, homeowners should never string together more than three strands of incandescent string lights. When hanging lights, homeowners should avoid tacks, staples, nails, or anything else that can puncture the wire, and try to keep cords out of high-traffic areas or anywhere they can be crushed or pinched.

Of course, electrical safety is only part of the equation. So many people wind up in the emergency room every year after falling from ladders, trees, or rooftops while hanging outdoor Christmas lights. So, when in doubt, homeowners can ensure their safety and electrical safety while saving time by hiring a professional to put up their holiday lights!

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Avoid an Electrical Scare This Halloween

Tips to Prevent and Catch Electrical Problems

Electrical issues can lead to significant risks in a household. While they can cause an inconvenience as families may be left without electricity, they can also present threats like fires, shocks, and electrocutions. To avoid electrical problems around the house, homeowners should use these tips from electricians – especially as they start to decorate their homes for Halloween and plan to use holiday lighting and decorations. 

Be Careful With Electric Decorations and Lights

Decorating yards and homes is a festive way to celebrate Halloween and Christmas, but holiday lights, inflatables, and other decor can cause safety risks. Households must take precautions when decorating, including:

  • Inspect all decorations and lights for frayed wires, loose bulbs, and other defects before plugging them in, and don’t use them if issues are found.
  • Keep all indoor decorations away from heat sources like a fireplace, candles, or space heaters.
  • Ensure all outdoor decor – including holiday lighting – is specifically meant for outdoor use.
  • Be careful not to overload electrical outlets during holiday light installations.
  • Turn off all lights and decorations before going to bed at night. 

During holiday lighting installations, households also need to be careful not to damage any wires by using staples or nails to hang them. If the cords are damaged, it can pose electrical risks. If any decorations are damaged or pose safety risks, homeowners should safely dispose of them. 

Why It’s Essential to Avoid Overloaded Electrical Outlets

overloaded outlet Adding holiday decorations and lights can make homes festive and fun, but homeowners must take precautions to avoid overloading electrical outlets and causing overloaded circuits. Plugging too many items into a single outlet or circuit can lead to electrical threats. 

Some common risks of an electrical circuit overload are:

  • Fire hazards: Overloading can cause wires to overheat and lead to potential fires.
  • Damaged wiring: If the electrical current is too high, the insulation around the wires can melt, leading to shocks and fire hazards.
  • Tripped circuit breakers: Overloading an outlet or circuit can cause the circuit breaker to trip, leading to inconveniences as a home’s power is temporarily shut off and the breaker has to be reset.
  • Electrical shocks: An overloaded outlet can put a household at risk of shocks.
  • Flickering lights: The lights on the same electrical circuit as the outlet can flicker or dim when items are plugged in. 

In order to avoid these problems, households should spread out the number of outlets used and relocate devices to different circuits to spread out where the power is being drawn from. 

Common Signs Electrical Repairs Are Needed

electrical repairTo prevent fires and other electrical risks from occurring at their house, homeowners need to recognize signs indicating their electrical system needs repair and schedule services immediately. Having an electrician inspect the electrical system and perform required repairs can correct the damage and protect the household from fires, shocks, and other electrical risks.

Some common symptoms of an electrical problem can include if the circuit breaker is frequently tripping, lights are dimming or flickering, electrical outlets are malfunctioning, burning odors, outlets are hot to the touch, buzzing sounds, or outlets appear discolored or have burn marks. 

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Signs of Problems With Electrical Wiring

How to Spot Faulty Electrical Wiring at Home

Faulty wires in a home can lead to hazardous risks – from fires, shocks, electrocution, and more. In order to prevent these dangers, it’s essential for homeowners to identify the symptoms of wiring problems and schedule professional repairs as soon as possible.  

In this blog, electricians provide tips on what property owners can look for to indicate faulty wiring, including frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers, hot or scorched outlets, and burning smells or buzzing sounds. 

Frequently Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers

One of the most apparent signs that can indicate to homeowners they need to have their wiring inspected is frequently blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. A tripped circuit breaker and blown fuse occur to prevent overloading and can alert property owners to a problem in their wiring system and the circuit. 

The circuit breakers will trip, and fuses will blow to cut power and limit the risks, preventing fires or other major dangers to a home and its residents. If a household starts to experience these issues frequently, they need to schedule an electrical inspection and repairs as soon as possible. 

Hot or Scorched Outlets

outletIf homeowners notice electrical outlets are warm when they plug in electrical devices or see scorch marks, it can signal an issue with their wiring system. Some other signs that occur with an outlet that property owners need to be aware of that can indicate faulty wiring are:

  • Warmth or heat coming from the outlets.
  • Discoloration around the outlet or on the outlet cover due to overheating. 
  • Sparks come from the outlet when plugging in or unplugging a device.
  • Flickering lights when an item is plugged into an outlet.

Property owners must immediately call an electrician to inspect the wiring and outlet problems. These can cause fires, shocks, and electrocution, so households need to have them repaired quickly to restore home safety.

Buzzing Sound or Burning Smell

smellAnother sign of faulty wiring property owners should be aware of is burning odors or buzzing sounds coming from outlets. Burning smells can indicate an overloaded circuit, loose wiring connection, or short circuit. It can also signal overheating or an electrical fire in the system. 

Buzzing sounds coming from outlets or wiring can also be a symptom of loose wiring or loose connections, vibrations in the wiring, faulty electrical devices, and fluctuations in the voltage. If a homeowner notices any of these symptoms, they must schedule an appointment with an electrician as soon as possible. Electrical issues cannot be delayed – they can lead to serious problems and dangerous risks for households. 

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Tips to Help Stay Safe This National Wellness Month

Necessary Measures to Keep Homes and Families Safe

Electrical systems are essential to keep households running, allowing computers, televisions, air conditioning, and lights to run. However, functioning electrical systems and installing safety devices are crucial for safety too. As this month is National Wellness Month, homeowners should take steps to make their homes safer and stress-free.

Smoke Detectors

smoke detectorsAn essential electrical device for homes is a smoke detector. These are crucial to keep families safe and give them the earliest possible warning of a fire. 

Smoke detectors protect households by:

  • Providing an early alert as soon as the presence of smoke is detected decreases the chances of injuries and tragedies caused by fires 
  • Sounding a loud, distinct high-pitched alarm to notify the family of a fire 
  • Being hardwired into the home’s electrical system to ensure they work. They can also hold backup batteries to function even during a power outage.
  • Connecting to other smoke detectors so that if one sounds in one part of the house, all of them will sound the alarm to ensure the household hears it 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

carbon monoxide detectorWhile most households ensure their smoke detectors are working correctly, it’s also crucial to have carbon monoxide detectors installed. These alert families to the presence of carbon monoxide in a home and help protect them from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that is very dangerous to health. Families may not be aware of its presence in a home until it’s too late. To avoid this, they can install carbon monoxide detectors so an alarm will sound if the device detects the dangerous substance.

Electrical Inspections

To ensure a household’s electrical system operates safely and correctly, homeowners should routinely hire an electrician to perform an electrical safety inspection. These allow electricians to determine if there’s an issue with the electrical system that could put the household at risk. They will proactively check the home’s wiring, outlets, electrical panel, and electrical appliances to look for issues and ensure everything is up-to-code. 

They will also inspect a home’s lights to ensure the wattage is correct and open outlet and switch boxes to check their condition and prevent electrocution risks. They can also test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they work correctly. If households notice symptoms like a burning smell, flickering lights, or frequent circuit breakers tripping, they should schedule an immediate electrical inspection. These services allow an expert to perform the necessary electrical repairs or replacements before the issue worsens. 

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Make Homes Safer by Installing Childproof Outlets

Tamper-Resistant Outlets Keep Children Safe

Each year, around 2,400 children are injured by severe shock and burns by electrical outlets, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Fortunately, these injuries can be avoided. Parents can install childproof outlets in the home to protect their children and prevent them from sticking objects into outlets. Keep reading to learn about tamper-resistant outlets, their benefits, and signs to replace an old outlet.  

How Do Childproof Outlets Work?

benefitsWhile some might wonder, “What are tamper-resistant outlets?” These devices can be essential to families. Childproof outlets, also called tamper-resistant receptacles, have built-in safety mechanisms to protect children. These devices have sliding or self-closing covers, making it difficult for objects to be inserted into the electrical slots. 

The spring-loaded shutters cover the slots and remain closed until equal pressure is applied to both shutters at the same time by a plug. This means both shutters must be engaged before an object can be inserted into the outlet. When a homeowner inserts a plug into a tamper-resistant outlet, the prongs of the plug press against the spring-loaded shutters. The equal pressure from both prongs pushes the shutters open, allowing the plug to be fully inserted into the outlet. If a child tries to insert a foreign object like a toy into a tamper-resistant outlet, it will not be able to engage both shutters simultaneously, and the shutters will remain closed.

Benefits of Childproof Outlets

Parents of young children have many options regarding childproofing their outlets. While many may opt for removable outlet covers like plastic plugs or caps, these can actually present a danger to children. They can be easily removed, presenting the original electrical danger, and if a toddler removes a plug, it can be a choking hazard. Installing childproof outlets is a safer option for parents. 

By incorporating spring-loaded shutters, these outlets reduce the risk of electrical shocks and injuries caused by inserting objects into the outlets. The shutters prevent toddlers from sticking toys and other objects into the slots and cannot be removed, meaning they will not be a choking hazard. 

Some of the benefits these outlets provide are:

  • Protect against electrical hazards.
  • Peace of mind that toddlers and children are protected and are less likely to incur injuries.
  • Homeowners do not need to add outlet covers or other devices to all the electrical outlets.

Signs to Replace an Old Outlet

outletTo keep children protected, homeowners need to replace childproof outlets at the first signs of an issue. These signs of trouble with outlets also apply to outlets that aren’t tamper resistant. If homeowners notice these signs, they should schedule services with an electrician to replace the outlets. Some symptoms that can indicate outlet replacement services are needed include:

  • There are signs of damage or wear and tear on the outlets, including a cracked faceplate.
  • The plugs are falling out of the outlets due to loose connections.
  • The outlet is providing intermittent power.
  • The outlet feels hot to the touch.
  • The outlet is old.

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Make a Summer Oasis in the Backyard!

Make Sure Outdoor Spaces Are Ready for Guests This Summer

After a long winter stuck indoors, avoiding the cold and snow, summer can be a time for socializing outdoors. This means homeowners may be looking for ideas to make their outdoor living spaces more inviting for gatherings with friends and family. Adding new outdoor lighting, installing a generator, or adding upgrades like a pool or hot tub can create a more exciting space for entertaining. 

Add Exterior Lighting

Adding new exterior lights to a backyard can make the space brighter for entertaining and provide much-needed safety enhancements. Homeowners have numerous forms of outdoor lights available to them, such as: 

Lights for Safety

For added safety outside, there are outdoor lighting options like: 

  • Step Lights: Steps lights enhance safety by illuminating the steps outside, whether to a deck or patio, to make it easier and safer for people to walk up and down staircases in the dark. 
  • Security Lighting: Security lights light large, dark spaces to prevent intruders and pests from entering a property. A popular form of security lighting is motion-sensing floodlights. These will turn on if movement is detected in the yard, giving unwanted guests the impression the homeowners have spotted them. Security lights are typically installed in high locations.
  • Path Lighting: Pathway lights are installed on the ground, along walkways, to light up the path and make it easier to see and safer by preventing tripping or slip-and-fall injuries.

Lights for Decor

lightingThe following lights are typically installed outside for decoration and atmosphere purposes:

  • String Lighting: Outdoor string lights create warm, intimate lighting for outdoor dinners and parties. They can be hung across a patio, on a deck, or even throughout the yard. 
  • Outdoor Wall Lighting: Exterior wall lighting can be used for safety and decor. As low-voltage lights, these can add light to a dark area of a yard or be hung around a patio or deck for ambiance. 
  • Lanterns: Lanterns are typically installed near doors or by a window. They provide additional light for dark spaces, as well as ambiance. 
  • Exterior Spot Lighting: Spot lighting, which can include uplights or landscape lighting, is used to showcase a feature in the yard. It can be shone on a tree, a statue, a pool feature, a water feature, or another part of the yard to illuminate it in the dark.

Get a Generator

generatorWhen heavy thunderstorms or another electrical event occurs, homes can risk losing power. These power outages can last a few minutes, hours, or even days. This can cause significant inconveniences and safety risks. To avoid this, homeowners can install whole-house generators. 

Generators offer many benefits for property owners, but the biggest advantage can be peace of mind that they won’t be left without power. A generator ensures residents have access to their lights and HVAC system, that essential items like medical equipment will work, and that their essential appliances – like the refrigerator – will run. 

Keeping the refrigerator operating can also provide cost savings to homeowners. If a blackout lasts too long, all of the perishable food in a fridge or freezer will spoil, leaving the homeowners needing to replace it. When selecting a generator, electricians can help homeowners determine the right system for their house and their needs so the party doesn’t have to stop when the power goes out. 

Add a Pool or Hot Tub

For homeowners who have an existing pool or hot tub or who want to add one to their yard to enjoy in the summer months, it’s essential to have an electrician inspect and repair the electrical wiring and lights. They must ensure the pool and hot tub follow all electrical codes and regulations to keep households and guests safe. 

Before households start using the pool or hot tub each year, electricians recommend scheduling an annual electrical inspection to check the wiring. This will assure homeowners they are safe and that those in their pool or hot tub will be protected. A safety inspection lets experts inspect the wiring, allowing them to catch potential issues that need repair and giving families helpful tips for added safety. 

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This Month is Electrical Safety Month!

Practice Electrical Safety This Month and Always!

May is National Electrical Safety Month, meaning it’s the perfect time to check the electrical systems in a home or business to ensure they are functioning correctly and safely. Electrical issues can quickly cause dangerous problems, including electrical fires, so preventing them is essential. This blog post will discuss tips to avoid electrical hazards, like installing electrical safety devices, knowing what signs to watch for that indicate an overloaded electrical system and the importance of surge protection

Electrical Safety Devices

electricalIt’s essential to have electrical safety devices throughout a property to protect a household or business. Some common ones people should ensure are installed and functioning correctly are:

  • Fuses: These devices help prevent too much current from flowing through circuits. If too much electricity flows, the fuse will break – protecting appliances from power surges and helping prevent fires, but it cannot be reused. 
  • Circuit Breakers: These devices detect faults when the electrical current exceeds the maximum level. It interrupts the power supply to prevent fires and other risks. 
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs): These can detect anomalies in the system and will cut power. It will trip, but it does not need to be replaced after every electrical fault. They should be used in areas with water to help prevent electric shock.

Warning Signs of Overloaded Electrical Systems

If someone has an overloaded circuit, it can pose numerous risks to their property. Overloading can cause breakers or fuses to shut off and stop electrical services. It can also pose the risk of electric fires if the wires overheat. 

Fortunately, people can help prevent the consequences of an overloaded circuit by watching for the signs before other problems develop. Some symptoms of an overloaded circuit include:

  • The circuit breaker keeps tripping and shutting off the power
  • Dimming or flickering lights when turning on or plugging in appliances
  • Buzzing outlets or switches
  • Warm outlets or switch covers
  • Burning odors 
  • Scorched outlets

If someone notices these signs, they should call an electrician right away because these issues must be repaired before they cause serious problems for a home or building.

Surge Protection

surgeWhen checking an electrical system, ensure the home or business is protected against power surges. A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage, and if it’s strong enough, it can damage electronic devices plugged in throughout the home or business. Power surges may be caused by several events, such as lightning strikes, utility switching operations, and downed power lines. Sometimes, even normal operations of large appliances can cause minor surges.

People should install a whole-house surge protector to protect their televisions, computers, appliances, and other electrical devices. They are hard-wired to the electrical system to protect the entire property. They block electrical voltage spikes and surges to protect devices. Electricians should install these whole house surge protectors since they are connected directly to a breaker panel or main service entrance. 

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Signs of a Faulty Electrical Panel

3 Signs You May Need Electrical Panel Repair

An electrical panel is one of the most vital components of home electrical systems. This discreetly placed panel of circuit breakers is meant to control the flow and distribution of electricity into different parts of the home. It has a mechanism for safely shutting off power to sections of the house when there is an overcurrent, protecting devices and appliances, and minimizing the risk of a house fire. But for the panel to do its job correctly, it must be in good working condition. If it’s malfunctioning, signs indicate the electrical panel may need repair.

Dim or Flickering Lights

lightA light bulb replacement often follows dim or flickering lights in the house for a good reason. A dim or flickering light bulb might mean it has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. There are some instances, however, when even a new bulb still doesn’t seem to solve the problem. If this is the case, it can indicate a problem with the electrical panel.

Lights that flicker could indicate that an electrical panel can no longer meet the supply demands of a particular circuit. This could be especially true if new appliances were plugged into that circuit before the lights began to dim or flicker. In this case, the electrical panel needs to be upgraded to increase its capacity and meet the demands of adding more electrical appliances to the house.

Burning Smell

A burning smell, especially one that smells like melted plastic, isn’t just a sign that something is wrong with the electrical panel. It’s also a big red flag that should tell homeowners to call trusted electricians immediately. The smell of something burning indicates that something is overheating or experiencing an electrical malfunction that could lead to something as serious as an electrical fire

In this situation, homeowners should turn off important electrical appliances, cut the power, and call an electrician right away. If the burning smell is particularly strong or smoke is visible, homeowners should also evacuate the house and everyone in it to be safe. 

The Panel is Old

panelElectrical panels can last a long time, anywhere from 25 to 40 years on average. If the electrical system has been well-maintained and everything has been installed correctly and up to safety standards, homeowners may not need to worry about their electrical panels for a while. However, electricians should routinely perform inspections to ensure there is no damage.  

But there are instances when electrical panel replacement may be necessary. A panel will need replacing when they get too damaged or experience too much wear and tear from age. In the case of old houses, especially those built more than 50 years ago, a thorough assessment of the electrical panel is necessary, and, in many cases, they must be upgraded to meet current safety standards.

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Electrical Tips to Make a Home More Green

Three Ways to Save on Electric Bills

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes that the average household in Wisconsin spends around $100 a month on their electricity bill. That’s nothing to scoff at. Many homeowners wonder how they can reduce their energy usage and save money. Luckily, they have options. This blog post will share tips to help homeowners save money on their electric bills.

Install Ceiling Fans

install a ceiling fanInstalling ceiling fans in a home can save energy by allowing the heater and air conditioner to be used less. The direction of ceiling fan blades can majorly impact regulating temperature in a home. Set the fans to spin counterclockwise during the summer and warmer months for a cooling effect. It will create a wind chill that helps keep homes cool and comfortable.

In the winter and colder months, reverse the direction of the ceiling fan blades by flipping a switch or pressing a button on the fan itself. When spinning clockwise, the fan will help push warm air near the ceiling back down into living areas, allowing homeowners to run their heaters less frequently and save on energy costs.

Turn Off Lights and Unplug Appliances

turn off the lightsMany homeowners don’t know about a phenomenon called “phantom power.” Imagine a space heater plugged into an outlet, but it’s not on. Even though the appliance isn’t on, it still consumes energy and costs money. To reduce phantom energy, homeowners should unplug devices when not actively on. Of course, this doesn’t apply to appliances that constantly need power, like the refrigerator. Homeowners should consider unplugging:

  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • TVs
  • Video game consoles
  • DVD players
  • Phone chargers
  • Laptop chargers
  • String lights and lamps
  • Coffee makers and espresso machines

Homeowners should also turn off the lights when they’re not needed and before they leave a room. Natural light from the windows should also be taken advantage of during the day to reduce electricity use and costs. Alternatively, homeowners can install dimmers on their lights to save even more energy.

Install LED Lights

More and more homeowners are installing LED lighting in their homes because it offers many benefits. LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting technology available, so they can help save homeowners money on their electric bills. Some additional benefits of LED lightbulbs include the following:

  • LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs. This means they are more durable and don’t need to be replaced as often.
  • LEDs emit very little heat compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs, making them safer. Because they don’t emit a lot of heat, they’re less likely to cause fires.

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