Holiday Lighting in Rhinelander, WI

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Make your house or building stand out this holiday season with a professional light display. Save yourself time and protect your health by avoiding any potential falls off the roof by letting our experts do the work for you. Call ICT Electric for services in Rhinelander, WI. We offer straightforward pricing!

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Benefits of Professional Holiday Lighting at Your Home

Do you delay putting up your holiday lights each year because you just don’t want to climb a ladder in the cold, snowy weather? We don’t blame you! Instead, enjoy the benefits of hiring professionals to put up your holiday lights, including:

  • Avoid having to do outdoor work in chilly temperatures.
  • Prevent the risks of having to climb tall ladders and hang lights in high places – like your roof.
  • Skip the frustration of not getting the lighting display to look the way you want it to.
  • Easily change the design – and make it more elaborate – each year.
  • Spend time with your family and friends and do other holiday preparation instead of hanging lights.

Why You Need Holiday Lighting Services at Your Commercial Property

Do you typically skip putting up holiday lights at your building? You might want to rethink it. Christmas lights can have many benefits for your business or building, including:

  • Create a festive feel around your property. This is important for stores, as it can put customers in the mood to do their holiday shopping.
  • Helps make your property stand out from your competitors.
  • Can help increase foot traffic to your store as it makes your business look more festive and inviting.
  • Prevents you from having to use your time – or your employees’ time – to put up the lights and decorations yourself.
  • Lets you showcase a professional lighting display without the stress of trying to create it on your own.

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Types of Holiday Lighting Services

Do you have a vision for what kind of holiday light display you’d like at your home or business, but you can’t do it on your own? This is where professional holiday light services can help. Some services professionals provide can include:

  • Adding lights to your roof and creating roof lines.
  • Putting lights on bushes.
  • Using net lighting.
  • Installing lights so they can line your walkways and driveways.
  • Wrapping your trees.
  • Creating customized displays.
  • Installing blow-ups and other displays.

Do you need professional help putting up your holiday lights? Call ICT Electric at 715-432-1415 for services in Oneida County. We guarantee satisfaction!