1. Place generator outside by the generator inlet.

2. Fill the generator with gas and check the oil level.

3. Locate the generator circuit breaker box and open the circuit breaker box door: Push

4. down the circuit breaker button for the utility power.

5. Push up the circuit breaker button labeled generator (all other breakers should be in the “on” position).

6. Start the generator – turn on the gas, turn on the ignition, choke, pull the starter cord.

7. After the generator is running, move choke to “run” position.

8. Locate generator cord, plug into the generator and the inlet on the wall.

9. Keep gas in the generator as needed.

10. When electricity comes back on:

  • Unplug the generator cord from the generator and the inlet.
  • Shut off the generator.
  • In the basement electrical panel, move generator breaker to “off” position. Move the utility breaker to the “on” position.
  • Move the generator to storage.