If you own commercial or residential property, it is essential that you maintain the lighting and electrical systems.  This ensures the safety and value of your investment.  Electrical systems in modern homes are very intricate due to the high volume of usage while those in older buildings might not be up to current codes or have unforeseen problems. In either instance, finding out when you are in the middle of going it alone can create multiple problems.

In Control Technology has been extensively trained and tested for these and much more. You can be rest assured that the electrical work you need is performed to the highest standards. The importance of proper electrical wiring cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting your property and the people in it.

We can help you with your residential and commercial electrical needs to ensure that your lighting and electrical systems are safe and fully functional. We offer multiple services, including:

Electrical wiring and rewiring

Malfunctioning breaker boxes and outlets are both dangerous and need immediate repair or replacement. If your electrical panel is on the fritz or you want to upgrade the outlets in your home, let us help you with these repairs. We can also help you understand the differences between AFCI and GFCI outlets to help determine what suits your electrical needs..

Home Automation Systems

If you want to improve your efficiency levels, a home automation system can help.. Let us help you relax with the knowledge that your home will be at a comfortable temperature when you get home, that your lights will turn on when you want them to, and much more.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The lighting inside and outside of your home or building is essential to comfort and security. We can ensure that you have functional and attractive lighting properly installed, whether you want to update the decor in a single room or have decided that the entire property needs to be revamped.

Whole Home Generators

Of course, a power supply is necessary to keep these things functioning, which is why many people opt to install a whole house generator. If you are interested in finding out more about improving your situation during power outages or any of the other services mentioned here, contact us.

And More…

In addition to improving the decor and fun with new home theater systems, we can boost the safety of your property by adding surge protection, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.


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In Control Technology is committed to providing services that light up your world! Contact us now by calling 715.432.1415